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HallowellAugusta, one of America's most beautiful capitals, has been the capital city since 1827, seven years after Maine was admitted to the Union. The Capitol Building is the centerpiece for this special City.

Located on both sides of the Kennebec River, Augusta is the center of employment, commerce and service for Central Maine and is the seat of state and county government. Augusta is a one-hour drive from Portland, less than three hours drive from Boston. While the City's population is only 18,500, the City is the service center to a large area of some 70,000 people - and more recently a retail shopping mecca for a population of some 250,000.

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Where History and Progress Meet.


Celebrating over 200 years! Gardiner is a vibrant river front city featuring historical homes, a downtown with a new look, and a fast-expanding business/industrial park. This City, which celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2003, boasts more buildings on the historic register than any other city in the area. Old homes are located in beautiful neighborhoods and reflect the wonderful quality of life that Gardiner has to offer. A special treat is the Oakland's Mansion, built in 1836 as the home of descendants of Dr. Slyvester Gardiner, founder of the City. Two American Presidents have stayed at the mansion.

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Warmth & Old Fashioned Hospitality


Hallowell, Maine's smallest city, rests on the banks of the Kennebec River.

It was settled about 1762. Although once a granite and lumbering community, the Hallowell of today features many delightful and interesting antique and specialty shops in the downtown business district. The small city is classified as a National Historic District.

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250px Lake Annabessacook

Lakes & Industry

Winthrop, a long-time vacation destination for many, can boast of 12 lakes and ponds within its township. But don't be fooled into thinking that this is a sleepy little vacation community and nothing more!

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Belgrade web photo 

Belgrade is located just a few miles northwest of Maine's capital city, Augusta. Our current popula- tion is estimated to be about 4,000 year-round citizens, and that number nearly doubles when non-residents arrive to spend the summer months at their cottages.

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Chelsea Town Office

Chelsea, incorporated on March 1, 1851 from a portion of Hallowell was named for a Massachusetts town, which in turn was named for a section of London, England.

The town office hosts the Chelsea veterans memorial and a smaller memorial plaque to Chester Caldwell “For his many years of service to the school and a dedicated ‘Town Father.'”

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Pownal Courthouse

Dresden was first settled as Frankfort in 1752 by German and French Huguenot immigrants. A town in Lincoln County, it incorporated on June 25, 1794 from a portion of the town of Pownalborough (later Wiscasset). The Germans, brought to the area through the encouragement of General Samuel Waldo, contributed the name Dresden after the

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 Peter Grant House National Register of Historic Places

National Register of Historic Places

Farmingdale in Kennebec County, was incorporated on April 3, 1852 from parts of Gardiner, West Gardiner and Hallowell

On the Kennebec River just north of Gardiner, it is a residential community serving the Augusta-Gardiner capital area.

During the 19th century and before the availability of mechanical refrigeration, there were several ice houses along the river.

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Town of Fayette

Fayette was first settled as Starling Plantation in 1781 and became incorporated as the town of Fayette on February 28, 1795. It is a beautiful bedroom community located in the northwestern Kennebec County. We are approximately 19 miles NW of the state capital of Augusta and 10 miles E of Livermore Falls. We share some of the most beautiful lakes and ponds in central Maine with our bordering towns of Mount Vernon, Readfield and Wayne!

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Jefferson is a town in Lincoln County, incorporated from Ballstown Plantation on February 24, 1807, when Thomas Jefferson was President. During the 19th Century, it set off land to Newcastle and Alna, and annexed land from Patricktown, later incorporated as Somerville.

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Old Town House Museum Litchfield

Old Town House Museum

Welcome to the Town of Litchfield, Maine. Litchfield is located 16 miles southwest of Augusta in southern Kennebec County. The current estimate of population (in 2010) is 3,624.

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 Ladies Delight Lighthouse

Manchester, Maine, settled in 1775, became a town in 1850. It was made up of parts of five towns: Augusta, Readfield, Hallowell, Litchfield, and Winthrop. It was first called Kennebec, but finding that their mail often went to Kennebunk, Maine, the townspeople decided in 1854 to change the name to Manchester.

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Cumston Hall

Monmouth is a quintessential Maine town comprised of artistic culture and agriculture. It is best known for its historic Cumston Hall, an extraordinary building that dominates Main Street and dazzles longtime residents and visitors alike. Monmouth is a friendly walking village with access to the eateries, shops, the public beach, the library and the professional Shakespearean theater. The Theater at Monmouth is well known and holds many performances from June - September.

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Mount Vernon

Flying Pond Mt. Vernon


Welcome to Mount Vernon, Maine, one of the most beautiful towns in Maine. Mount Vernon is situated in the beautiful lake region of central Maine at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain range. A large number of seasonal residents and tourists come to Mount Vernon for its many attractions. Fishing is outstanding in our many lakes and streams. The summer’s climate is especially conducive to swimming, hiking, and boating. Hunting and leaf peeping are fall attractions and winter brings snowmobiling, ice fishing and cross country skiing.

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Town of Pittston

Pittston is a town along the eastern shore of the Kennebec River in Kennebec County, Maine, United States. The population was 2,666 in the 2010 US Census and 2,548 in 2000. The town was named for the family of John Pitt, who were early settlers. The town was incorporated in 1779.

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Town of Randolph

Randolph is about 2 square miles in size, is about 6 miles south of the capital of Augusta, and about 20 miles north of the coastal town of Wiscasset. A town of just under 2,000 residents, Randolph lies along the bank of the Kennebec River just across from the City of Gardiner.

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town of Readfield 

Readfield's population was 2,598 at the 2010 census. Readfield is home to the Kents Hill School, a preparatory school, Maranacook Community Schools, public schools for the district, a few summer camps, and the annual Readfield Heritage Days. The town contains four lakes, including Maranacook Lake. The town of Readfield was previously named Pond Town. Readfield is included in the Augusta, Maine micropolitan New England City and Town Area


Town of RichmondRichmond, A Small Town with a Big Heart! If you're looking for a place to visit or call home, consider Richmond, Maine. We're blessed with unparalleled beauty, from the rolling hills that surround us to the timeless Kennebec River that defines our downtown.

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Town of Somerville

Somerville is located in Lincol     n County, incorporated on March 25, 1858 from Patricktown Plantation. The plantation had existed at least since 1813. On April 17, 1937, in the depth of the Depression, the town surrendered its organization. It returned to its status as a town on February 6, 1974.

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 wayne 2

Wayne is a small town 15 miles west of Augusta, the State Capital. Wayne’s population doubles in the summer as visitors from all over the world come here to swim and sail in our seven lakes and ponds, pick strawberries and blueberries, eat local vegetables and Maine seafood, and enjoy a relaxed life in small town Maine.

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West Gardiner

West Gardiner Service Center

West Gardiner is a town in Kennebec County, incorporated on August 8, 1850 from a portion of Gardiner. It swapped land with Farmingdale (1852, 1853) and annexed some land from Litchfield (1856) to complete its boundaries.

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Whitefield Sheepscot River

Sheepscot River
photo courtesy Blue Horse Photography

The Town of Whitefield bolsters a sense of community fostered through a broad understanding of and respect for the town’s history, its diverse population, recreation, locally produced crafts, artwork and foods.

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windsorschoolWindsor, Maine is small town of 2240 residents located approximently 13 miles east of our state capitol, Augusta. Windsor began as a plantation known as New Waterford. The town was incorporated as Malta in 1809. In 1820 it was reincorporated as Gerry to honor statesman Elbridge Gerry and two years later it was incorporated again as Windsor. One of Windsor's historical claims to fame is the Malta War in 1809.

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