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Mercury Thermostat Mail-Back Program - $5 Rebate for Mercury Thermostats

Maine residents can now receive $5 for each mercury-containing thermostat they return for recycling to the TRC - Thermostat Recycling Corporation. The rebate process is easy. Homeowners can order a TRC mailing label and shipping instructions by sending an email request to or by calling 1-800-238-8192. After the thermostat is received, the homeowner gets a $5 check in the mail.

The rebate program offers homeowners another alternative for ensuring mercury is safely recycled. Many towns and cities in Maine have mercury collection programs where thermosats can also be recycled. The TRC program allows homeowners to recycle their old thermostats directly with the thermostat manufacturers. Homeowners wishing to ship thermostats without a prepaid label may send them to: Thermostat Recycling Corporation, Dock 4, 6801 Sandburg Road,  Golden Valley, MN 55427.

For more information contact: 1-800-238-8192