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Friday Report ~ January 30,2015

Bringing Enthusiasm Back - With the development of technology, and increased alternatives when it comes to communications, some people have begun to question the need to join the Chamber of Commerce. If the Chamber was only here simply to provide information, I would be inclined to agree with them.

Most of us are aware however, that we have been in Augusta since 1922 with much greater goals in mind than simply being a conduit for information. Historically, Chambers of Commerce have been the center of the community. They have been responsible for some of the longest running national events. For instance, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C., the Miss America Pageant and even the Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame owe their beginnings to the local chamber.

More of note, are the small projects that grew into industry. A chamber is responsible for inviting
the first film producer into southern California and chambers are also responsible for the initial ideas that led to the Farm Bureau and the Federal Reserve Bank.

I bring this exciting history up to remind each of you that we are here to make a difference and it
will take all of us to make that difference. It will not be easy, it will not be overnight, but it will be accomplished. Like a steady drip that wears a hole in concrete, we will grow this economy, we will increase our sense of community and we will help this entire region to be a better place to live. We need to work together to accomplish this. When a group works together, there is nothing it can’t accomplish. In fact, just this last week, a few harmless snowflakes worked together to effectively shut down the state for a day.

So, although I have already said this more than once, it bears repeating again. You can help us
grow, and in turn help our economy grow, through the simple act of telling a friend or neighbor about our efforts, brag about your chamber and let’s make it the “place to be” once again. Over 700
people are enjoying the benefits of membership, let’s double that!

In closing, I wanted to share the photo below. It shows President John F. Kennedy speaking at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Breakfast on his last day on this earth. Let’s bring that level of
enthusiasm for prosperity back. Together, we can change the world, or at least the Kennebec Valley!