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Friday Report ~ April 24, 2015

Oh the humanity! -  On Tuesday of this week, your chamber went through a computer upgrade in the offices. We are extremely grateful to Seth at Maine Technology Group for his patience and understanding as the staff and I (Patty thankfully chose this week to go on vacation) struggled with the changes and the new technology.

For some of us, (yes, for me) this was an extremely painful process. The most difficult part of the evolution was the fact that I was disconnected for a substantial period of time.

When did the lack of connectivity become a dire problem? I am not exaggerating, I was truly surprised by the level of discomfort I felt by not being able to get to the computer and get my files and access email (don’t panic, I had my phone). I clearly live and die by my electronic devices and I am often struck , in a public place, by how many of us are not communicating with each other face to face. Pages and pages have been written on the decline of society due to our smartphones, so I won’t bore you with that topic today.
I did take this opportunity without technology to go through a large amount of paper files that were handed down from Peter and investigate the importance of these. I decided to purge a bunch of them. Not that they were not important, but that their time had come and gone and they simply were outdated. Deb did much of the same in some of the files in the office. Cleaning house certainly can be refreshing! Following the upgrade, we as a staff now need to dive into the electronic files that have accumulated over the years on our server. When I started typing on this topic, I decided to see how many files were on the server…. It’s still counting.

I know I have this same problem with family photos at the house, so I am in no position to cast the first stone. But there has got to be a better way. We bring in electronic files and photos and often times there is no rhyme or reason as to where we put them. So my advice to you this week is simple. Clean house. Take the time to look into the manner in which you store your files, and enlist some help if you need to. This will save you on time and back up costs by reducing the unused data and allow you to locate the truly important files with ease when you need them. Oh – and by the way – we have 76,219 files to go through… ugh