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Friday Report ~ December 9, 2015

"No Blog This Week" - I am not writing a blog this week. As many of you know, we are moving this week. We are spending our days boxing and packing, and with the help of several volunteers (Thank You!), we will be moving our furniture and boxes on Thursday and Friday this week. Our thanks to Central Maine Pyrotechnics and Kaplan University for providing trucks and professional moving help!


I am not writing a blog because it simply feels as though it would be too much work to ask the staff to edit and proof in addition to coordinating the move efforts. It may seem like these blogs just appear in your inbox as if magic elves spirited them from my mind, through the keyboard and the straight to you. Although this might be the season for some magic, that's not how the blogs happen. They're actually a series of edits and discussions that float throughout the office for the week and finally get out the door at the last minute on Friday. Some Fridays it feels as though we are ahead of the game and others we are stressed about making it all come together. I find that lists tend to reduce the stress and help immensely. I would love to tell you more about writing lists, but I am not writing a blog this week.
Another reason I am not writing a blog is because we are so busy preparing for our new employee. If you have not heard, Katie Doherty (formerly Cormier) is joining the Chamber Team on Dec 21st! She will be our Program Director and brings a wealth of event management experience. She is even a recent graduate of the Kennebec Leadership Institute, which she will coordinate for the coming year. I will tell you more about her when I write a blog again, because, after all, I am not writing a blog this week.
Normally I would write a blog regardless, but the move is somewhat daunting when I look at the boxes of historical data we have. Articles from the early days. Binders full of old newsletters, sometimes several duplicates of the same info. Do we really need all of this stuff? I believe in preserving our history, but 4 copies of each newsletter seems a bit much. How do you manage your historical documents? I would be happy to share some thoughts on storage options or possibly going electronic, but I am not writing a blog this week.
Did you ever feel like you just got carried away doing something when you have more important things to do? I have a strong suspicion that I should be doing something else, but here I am just typing away. I am sure there is something. Just can't seem to recall. Oh well, I am sure it will come to me, at least I don't have to worry about writing a blog this week with all we have to do around here.
Thanks again to all who are helping us move. Please join us at our ribbon cutting on Dec 21st at 11 am.  Come see the wonderful new location!