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Friday Report ~ November 25, 2015

Perspective ~ 
It's that wonderful time of year when we try to take a breath, a break from the madness that is our daily routine and reflect on what we have to be thankful for. If you have never traveled outside our country, or even outside this region, you may not have the perspective that others have. I can tell you that as Americans, regardless of our socioeconomic status, we have much to be grateful for.

      As a fun experiment, I asked the chamber staff to provide me with three things that they are thankful for, with the caveat that they could not name their family or their health. I chose these exemptions because I know that we are all very grateful to be healthy and to be surrounded by the family we have.  Having lost some extended family members this year, I am reflecting on that and find myself thankful for the time they were in our lives. The answers I got from the staff were insightful, but brief, I have decided I would expand on the shorter ones a bit for your enjoyment.

"Our camp away" - Having a place to retreat to find quiet time and reflect. Priceless.
"A supportive work environment" - I was thrilled to see this one, although they may just be buttering me up.
"My home in a small rural community with a deck to drink wine on and admire the view (in warm weather)" - We are all grateful for sunny days on a deck.

"A dusting of snow instead of 3 inches" - I too was glad to see a light snow! I do want to note that if this employee is fearful of 3 inches of snow, we have a long winter in front of us!
"Friends" - Old and new. Friends to craft with, friends with shoulders to cry on, big belly laugh friends, friends you can tell absolutely anything! 

"Copious amounts of coffee" - Every day... Often... Really.
"My job, which helps keep me mentally alert and us out of the poor house" - We do try to keep our employees out of the poor house for sure, as for mentally alert, you won't find a sharper staff anywhere! 
"My four little dogs and friends" - This was a recurring theme, pets and friends. They are one and the same really, aren't they?
"My job"- We are all in agreement - this job rocks.
"Best friend of 30+ years" - What a gift!
"Where I live" - This happens to be a house on 40 acres, high on a ridge in the country.  At night the stars are so brilliant, you can see the Milky Way!
"Pets" - The pets that have left us, thankful for the time we had together. And grateful for a cat, Queen of Sheba, who welcomes this employee when she gets home.
     These were a blast to read and reflect on. Of course, this wouldn't be fair if I didn't identify 3 things I am thankful for in addition to my health and my family. They are;  
Music - It can take us anywhere and make us smile, cry or dream.
Magical moments - Those moments when everything goes right, an event is flawless or a deal comes together. An amazing feeling.
Mayhem - When things go sideways. It makes you think quickly and gets your heart racing. That's when you feel truly alive!
     This year has been full of magical moments and has had its share of mayhem. I am most grateful for all of you that have been reading and following our journey. We have an incredible Chamber Family and I am thrilled to be a part of it!