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Friday Report ~ December 4, 2015

Have a Byte ~ Yesterday was a slow day, between 6:12 am and 6:27 pm I only received 67 emails. Most days that number approaches or exceeds 100. It isn't that I am getting spammed, but that VERY FEW of them are not important.
     In addition to the emails, I receive phone calls, text messages and at night I take a look at my Facebook feed. In the hours I am at work, I likely have over 200 posts that are unread. I have oversight of 4 different Facebook organizational pages, two websites and a twitter feed.
     I think I do okay trying to keep up with it all. But for me, seems like Twitter is too much. I log into Twitter and I am instantly overwhelmed with how many tweets have posted since I logged in last.  I often give up and walk away.
     I am no Luddite mind you - I consider myself relatively tech savvy and I enjoy staying in touch. But I have to wonder when we will say "enough?" Today I gathered some statistics from Let me tell you, that's a website that can make you feel small.
There are:
3.25 billion Internet users in the world.
960 million websites with 4.73 billion pages of data
208 billion emails were sent today
876 million tweets went out today
in fact, over 10,000 tweets go out each second.
     Our access to information is growing so quickly we simply can't keep up. In fact, Facebook has recently changed their algorithm to hide pages from your feed that you don't interact with often. This has hurt a large portion of the business community as many "fans" are not seeing their traffic anymore.
     Additionally, the information on the web is not always factual. We quickly turn to our search engine to learn something and can easily be deceived by a fictional page. We have seen several cases in which reputable news outlets have run a story based on a blog post that is unsubstantiated.
     With all of this info, it is even more important that we all slow down a bit. Take some time to make sure you have the correct information before moving forward based on data. Please embrace some technological advancements that can help you sift through the data and weed out what is really important. Finally, 2,727,497 blog posts were written today. Thanks for taking the time to read mine :)