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Friday Report ~ May 29, 2015

Chirp Chirp… I got nothin!  - Ever have that sinking feeling that you have lost your spark? No creativity, no new ideas? That inspiration just doesn’t seem to show up when you need it most?

Yeah – me too.

So there you are – you have a presentation to write, you have a speech to give, you have a report to create (or maybe a blog?) and it’s due…like…now. You search the creative box in your mind and there are cobwebs in every corner. Now what? You could give up and quit your job, but I don’t recommend it.

The google search “how to get creative” resulted in dozens of pages of ideas. I was perusing them when the word “Mindmapping” popped up. I was a navigator in the Navy and worked with maps quite a bit so I figured I would learn more about this. Little did I know that this approach to creative thinking was first established by the Greeks, it was made popular in the 70’s based on a BBC TV show.

In short – it’s jotting ideas down on a piece of paper with one central core idea and connecting the ideas with various lines that established linked topics and common ideas. This is one method of getting your creative juices flowing and leading you to new ideas.

Another method that is often used, is to scan news articles, magazines, tv channels etc. See what inspires you to think further. What concepts seem intriguing? If you hold the channel “up” button on your tv where do you land when you count to 6? What if you scan on your car radio or simply surf the internet. Something will get your attention at some point.

Finally, when you have exhausted these ideas and you still have nothing. Walk away. Find something to do that doesn’t relate to your project at all. Go rake the yard, clean the house or even take a nap (but not at your desk). These will allow your mind to relax and clear, allowing room for new ideas to come to you. Since I have yet to come up with an idea for this blog, I am going to go do something else and hope that something will come to me soon!