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Friday Report ~ March 06, 2015

It’s almost here – can you feel it? But what’s changed? - Over the past week, there has emerged a feeling in the air and in the spirit of those I talk to. It’s enthusiasm of the coming spring. But I started to wonder, where did this come from?

I still have ice on my windshield in the morning, still wearing the overcoat and there is certainly enough snow to convince me it’s still winter.

 So what made a difference? Was it the coming start of spring training? Was it the actual first day of spring coming in 2 weeks or the clocks turning forward this weekend and the sun hanging in the sky longer? Did we get spoiled by one day of warmer temperatures? Possibly, but none of this really means winter is over. So why the joy?

Let’s face it; we all want a brighter future. Never is that more evident than when things are tough. People need something to cling to in order to get through difficult times; the promise of change, a new idea or a coming event. We are optimists at our core if we are told things will get better. Regardless of your politics, it was the promise of hope that powered the 2008 democratic presidential victory with the largest percentage of the popular vote since 1964. Religion has been lifting hearts for centuries with the promise of eternal life on the other side. Most importantly, employees seek hope. If not given hope, they will seek a change, often alternative employment.

So what are your employees looking forward to? How are you motivating them to push on through the winter that has seemed endless? Some companies use the beginning of March to announce a summer celebration plan. Some take the time to talk about where the company is headed or reveal a new way of doing things. If you hand out raises on an annual basis, what is the timing of that? An optimistic and energetic employee is more productive, has a better quality of life and, let’s face it, smiles are contagious.

As we head into March, which historically has had more snow than February, find a way to lift the spirits of your employees. They work hard for you. Take a minute to remind them of the good things your company does, be it in the community or the industry it serves. It’s a great time of year to remind them that you appreciate them. How you do that, is up to you.